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Davis Aviation (DBA Chopper Charter) holds a part 135 aircraft charter certificate, which means we are fully certified by the FAA to fly you to and from any destination where we are able to land.  Because we are a part 135 company, we are held to the highest standards of safety, training, and care for our aircraft (these are the same standards major airlines are held to).

  • Business charter flights

  • Dinner flights

  • Helicopter taxi

  • Branson Show flights

  • Medical transport

  • Aerial photography

  • Aerial video

  • Electronic News Gathering

  • Aerial Surveying

  • Powerline service

  • Flight training

  • Cross-country transportation


Most helicopter tour operators are not certified to conduct charter flights, which means that they can only offer flights that return back to the same destination.  Arrive at your destination with speed and class with a private helicopter charter!  Call 417-332-1545 or fill out the form below to get a quote on your custom flight.

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