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Chopper Charter offers a full course of Helicopter instruction using the latest in avionics, equipment and resources ensures you are learning the “right way!” 


Helicopter Pilot Flight Training is a complex topic.  To get all your questions answered we suggest a phone call or e-mail to get the process started. Speak with one of our seasoned instructors today for a full explanation of the rewards and challenges of learning to fly a helicopter.


We do offer seminars on select dates and we invite you to attend one of these informative presentations if you are serious about learning to fly a helicopter. Unlike many other flight training companies, you will receive instruction from a professional pilot who is also a highly talented teacher.  Most flight schools use the instructor position to build time and experience for very new commercial pilots while simply trying to create a steady stream of new customers to keep the process going. At CHOPPER CHARTER, you will NOT be part of a time building scheme for any new CFI pilot!  You will be trained by experienced, Professional CFI's who “GET THE JOB DONE RIGHT!”


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